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Trang chủ » What Is Ammonia Excreted As: The Bodys Nitrogen Transformation

What Is Ammonia Excreted As: The Bodys Nitrogen Transformation

What Is Ammonia Excreted As: The Bodys Nitrogen Transformation

Detoxification Of Ammonia In The Human Body

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What Is The Excreted Form Of Ammonia?

Ammonia is a nitrogenous waste product that can be excreted in various forms depending on the species. In the case of birds and lizards, they primarily excrete nitrogenous waste as uric acid, which is a relatively insoluble compound that allows for efficient water conservation in arid environments. On the other hand, humans and many other mammals excrete ammonia in the form of urea, a water-soluble compound that can be easily eliminated through urine. Therefore, while ammonia itself can directly dissolve in water, the specific excreted form varies among different organisms, with uric acid being common in certain reptiles and birds, and urea being the primary excretory product in humans. This variation reflects adaptations to the ecological and physiological needs of each species.

How Does The Human Body Excrete Ammonia?

The human body does not directly excrete ammonia, a potentially harmful compound. Instead, it employs a sophisticated process to convert ammonia into a much safer substance called urea. This conversion primarily takes place in the liver and kidneys. Urea is significantly less toxic than ammonia, making it safer for the body to handle. During this conversion process, two nitrogen atoms are eliminated from ammonia, rendering urea less hazardous. Additionally, the excretion of urea requires less water compared to ammonia, making it a more efficient and less burdensome process for the body to eliminate nitrogen waste products.

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Ammonia - Wikipedia
Ammonia – Wikipedia
Excretion In Animals - Modes Of Excretion And Excretory Wastes
Excretion In Animals – Modes Of Excretion And Excretory Wastes

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Detoxification of Ammonia in the human body
Detoxification of Ammonia in the human body

The excretion of ammonia as ammonium salts in the urine is important in preserving the acid-base balance of the body. By excreting acid radicals in combination with ammonia, instead of with cations such as sodium and potassium, the kidney helps to conserve the fixed base of the body.This ammonia directly dissloves in the water. Birds and lizards excrete nitrogenous wastes as uric acid. The excretory product in humans is urea.Humans do not excrete ammonia directly. Ammonia is converted into urea that occurs in the liver and kidney. Urea is a less toxic compound compared to ammonia. They eliminate two nitrogen atoms and for its excretion, less water is required.

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