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Is Pregnancy A Pre-Existing Condition? Anthems Perspective

Pre-existing Conditions Anthem :15

Is Pregnancy A Pre-Existing Condition? Anthems Perspective

Pre-Existing Conditions Anthem :15

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Is Pregnancy Considered A Pre Existing Condition?

Is pregnancy considered a pre-existing condition? According to, pregnancy is not classified as a pre-existing condition in terms of health insurance coverage. This means that if you were already pregnant when you applied for new health coverage, several key protections apply to ensure fair and accessible healthcare:

  1. You cannot be denied coverage solely because of your pregnancy.
  2. Insurance providers are prohibited from charging you a higher premium based on your pregnancy status.

These regulations are in place to ensure that pregnant individuals have equitable access to health insurance, preventing discrimination and financial burden associated with pregnancy-related healthcare costs. Please note that this information is accurate as of September 24, 2023.

Will My Pregnancy Be Covered By Insurance?

“Is my pregnancy covered by insurance?” This common question revolves around the coverage of prenatal care and other essential pregnancy services by health insurance plans. The good news is that routine prenatal care, childbirth, and newborn care services are considered essential benefits, and all qualified health insurance plans are required to cover them. Importantly, this coverage extends to individuals who become pregnant before their health insurance coverage begins. So, whether you’re already pregnant or planning for a pregnancy, you can rest assured that these crucial aspects of maternal and infant healthcare should be covered by your insurance plan.

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Pre-existing Conditions Anthem :15
Pre-existing Conditions Anthem :15

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